Complete the following sentences with must/doesn't have to/have to/don't have to/mustn't/:
1. I'm telling you this in confidence between the two of us. You____tell anyone.
2. Suman___get up early, but she likes to.
3. When you come to Nagpur again, you___give us a call.
4. We can't repair the invertor ourselves. We will___call a mechanic.
5. You___go for the movie if you don't want to.
6. You___meet Satyarth; he's a delightful person.
7. I'm sorry, but you___finish these reports before you go home.
8. I___go for a medical checkup tomorrow.
9. You ___be an artist to appreciate a painting.
10. You___make fun of pepole with physical disabilities.



1. Mustn't
2. doesn't have to
3. must
4. have to
5. don't have to
6. must
7. must
8.have to
9. have to
10. mustn't