Will earth have friction when it is revolving around the sun

Earth is rotating around itself and revolving around the Sun. Earth has a gravitational field on its surface and in the atmosphere. The atmospheric air also rotates and revolves with Earth. When Earth moves long its elliptical path, Earth may face some friction from the air layers. But it will be very small.
When Earth is rotating about itself, there is no friction, as all objects (rivers, hills, stones, land) are all moving together at the same angular speed.
when ever, people , vehicles or objects move on Earth, there is friction force (contact force) between Earth's surface and the moving entity. Probably the various movements of very large number of moving entities on Earth at any time cause negligible effect on Earth's movements.


On Earth (or really, anywhere that isn't the empty vacuum of space) moving objects slow down because they lose energy through friction — rubbing against other objects. Commonly on Earth, the source of friction would be land, water and/or air.