1. Why does a man slip when he steps on a banana peel thrown on the road?
2.. Explain why:
(a) A pencil will write on paper but not on glass
(b) The handles of motor cycle are covered with a rubber sheet with spikes
(c) The soles of our shoes wear out gradually.
(d) Tyres of car wear out gradually.



The reason for all these questions is frictional force. Friction may stop us in doing some of our works but it is also good in one way.
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Frictional force is the force which stops an object.
1.a man slips when he step on a banana peel because of its smooth surface which leesen the friction betwwen the peel and the ground.
2.a. a pencil can write on paper because there is friction between them.
  b.the handles are covered with rubber sheet to increase the friction so that the hand don't slip while driving.
  c.the soles wear out because of the friction between the soles and the ground.
  d.because of the friction.
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