No not at all malls are very useful as compared to the usual market,where we only get vegetables or household things but in malls we get everything in one roof like entertainment-games movies,etc,food courts are available,etc.In usual market we get one kind of thing in a particular market but in malls we get each and everything which fulfills our need.I think more malls should be constructed so that more people can access and get profit from it.Many corners of our society are lacking malls.I think this should be constructed more in number.
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No, in my views malls are not at all a mindless construction. There are many shops at a same place and a variety is available. If people go there then it would save time as well as energy and natural resources. Time as the need to go to different shops at different places is reduced. Energy as the petrol of the vehicle u use is also saved, it saves money too. Petrol is also a form of natural resource. So if so many advantages of malls are there then how can someone classify malls as mindless construction? But there are a few things that need to be kept in mind. It is not required to rush to the malls for every need, if the items can be avaiked locally.
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