in simple way respiration   is a procedure in which disintegration of nutritional substantials in cells to supply energy or to discharge energy is calleds as respiration . 
respiration - in broader sense it means the breakdown of nutritional materials in cells to provide energy while  in human cellular respiration respiration means the use of atmospheric oxygen at cellular level to oxidize glucose molecules and release energy in the form of ATP is respiration in other hand breathing means as on exchange of gases like higher plants have stomata for breathing while in human respiratory system consists of breathing apparatus which is in direct contact with the environment providing the passage of air and site for exchange of gases .  in cellular respiration our body performs bot aerobic and anaerobic respiration , in anaerobic conditions whenever vigorous work is needed and oxygen supply becomes less than the demand the muscles cells provides energy by anaerobic respiration and as a result it forms lactic acid while in aerobic condition the body tissues and muscle cells follow aerobic respiration channel and gives out only carbon dioxide and water .
Respiration is the act of breathing. You wear a ventilator if you need help with your respiration.Everyone who breathes has the power of respiration. There is, however, another type of respiration which occurs in cells. This is the process of taking in certain substances and putting out others that a cell undergoes to produces energy. One single breath, the inhale and the exhale together, is also called a respiration.

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