I have always aspired to become a doctor. I studied from childhood and got good marks. I knew my parents did not have the money to pay the fees for medical college. If I scored good marks I could get a scholarship and my parents would feel relaxed. I studied hard for this purpose. I was awarded the best student in school every year and when the time came, I was ready to go to medical college with an impressive mark sheet and a solid recommendation from my school. I got admission and was given some grace period to clear the fees. I applied for scholarship so that I could pay the fees. To qualify for a scholarship, I had to write a test. I was ready to do it and on the appointed day, I left my home to go to the place where the test had to be conducted. On the way, I met with an accident and was rushed to the hospital. I was seriously injured and neede to stay in the hospital for sometime. As soon as I regained conciousness, I realized that now I could not achieve my goal. I started crying and no one was able to console me. My doctor, who was a very kind lady asked me the reason and I told her everything. My mother too, told the doctor about my excellent academic record and what the test meant to me. The doctor just smiled and went away. The next day when she came on around, a man was with her. He had some official looking papers and went on asking me many questions. He asked about my school, my studies, my aspirations etc. then he congratulated me that I had won a scholarship and could join the college as soon as I was well. Actually, the doctor was one of the members in the committee who allotted the scholarships and she had told the other members about me. Finally my dream had come true. I knew my hard work would not be wasted.

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