Service sector is different from other sectors.service sector do not produces any goods.people produce their services in service sector. Other sector needs the help of service sector but service sector do not need the help of any other sector. Service sector is independent sector.service sector includes the work of a doctor,a teacher etc.
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Dear frnd
here m going to tell u differences between service sector n remaining sectors.
There r 3 sectors of economy, i.e.- 1.primary sectr(agriculture,fisheries,forestry etc.) ; 2. secondary sectr(industries,building construction etc.) 3.tertiary sectr (trade,transport,communication etc.)...
:-tertiary sector is also known as service sector, n it's different frm others in following ways:-
1. it needs less labour among all sectors.
2. it's output is more thn all sectors.
3. it uses technology but other's not.'s links r spread throughout d cntry but not others.
5. it's work for nation is more thn other sectors....
n if u still have any doubt relating to ur ques or if u want to know anything else abt this, thn message me...
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