No two men are alike. people differ widely in their nature and way of thinking. There are people of sweet natureand are loved by all. everyone wants their friendship. on the other hand, there are people who are ill-tempered. they easily offend others.
there is a quote, "birds of a feather flock together" simply meaning that people of same nature can keep it going all good. people have their own likes and dislikes. thus have different points of vision. there are people who are rude and harsh and put a bad impression on others. some are soft spoken and make a good impression on others. in today's swiftly changing world only those persons are successful who have a capacity to adjust themselves in every company. those who have strong likes and dislikes find it difficult to march ahead smoothly. so, in spite of having strong likes and dislikes, one should try to adjust with evryone even with the one whom they dislike because for being successful one needs to be social and one can be socail if he/she tries to adjust himself/herself amoung the society where all type of people ard present.
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