Professional values and ethics are the defining factors in making the right decisions in our careers- no matter what the situation is, no matter who is watching. When we become members of an organization, we are given a set of guidelines that define our conduct within the organization and, at times, outside the organization. We are encouraged to adhere to the guidelines, allowing us to promote the organization in a positive manner and to display our loyalty to the organization, thereby growing together professionally.   The success of both the organization and the individual depends highly upon the values and ethics as they are defined and adhered to- doing what is right at all times.
Values can be defined as things that are important to or valued by someone, either individually or organizationally.   Professional values are the beliefs and principles that influence your behavior. Professional values, although different between organizations and individuals, may be extensions of your personal values and may include honesty, integrity, compassion, excellence, duty, accountability, and unselfishness.
Ethics is not as easily defined as ethics depend on the individual- determined by law, religion, societal standards, or not knowing what ethics means. According to Webster’s New World College Dictionary, ethics is defined as “the study of standards of conduct and moral judgment; moral philosophy” and “the system or codes of morals of a particular person, religion, group, profession, etc.”   Ethics can refer to standards of right or wrong as individuals ought to do, or ethics can refer to studying our own ethical standards. Organizational ethics refer to the rules and regulations that govern the organization and assist in their decision-making.
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