Govind Vinayak Karandikar popularly known as Vinda is one of the well-known names in Marathi literature. Widely acclaimed as a thinker, poet, writer of short stories and essays, and critique. An extremely popular litterateur, Vinda has also been accredited with the esteemed Dnyanpeeth Award; he is the third Marathi litterateur and second poet to have acquired this award. Vinda is a poet at heart. He was born in Ghalval village in the Sindhudurg district. His father was a poor farmer and his family had to go through times of great hardship. He could complete his school and college education from Kolhapur, only due to timely help from a well-wisher. He completed his Masters in English, and went on to settle in Mumbai, choosing teaching as his profession. While studying English poetry, he was influenced by the works of poets like Browning, Hopkins and Elliot. Likewise, Marathi poets like Madhav Julian and B. S. Mardhekar, have left their mark on Vinda’s earlier works.