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   The topic means that our heart (and mind along with it) are not just an utensil in the kitchen, which is just used to store in it any thing at any time.  But it is a fire which is to be triggered to shine brightly.  In short it means that we should put our mind to a better innovative exciting and productive use, rather than a dull and simple use.

   In our house kitchen we have a lot of utensils of all kinds.  We use them to store different type of foods, raw, cooked, and semi-cooked.  Some are kept for a long duration and some are stored for the duration of cooking.  When the use is over, we wash the utensils and put them back in place for reuse.

   We use our brain to remember (store) knowledge, facts, history, incidents, films, stories, our studies and so on.  In this process of learning we should not use mind just to take in the knowledge of facts.  That is learning by by-hearting and just by remembering is not the correct use of our mind.  We should use our mind to analyze the learnings and acquire wisdom.  We should not learn only, we should educate ourselves along with the use of learning. 

   In order to do that we need to enlighten ourselves with our heart and mind explicitly.  We need to ask ourselves the following logical questions every time: why, what, how, where, who, whom, and when.  The correct method of inquisitive learning will enlighten our minds about the subject.  Then we are able to learn better.  Then our intellect is used properly and not as a dum b storage facility. 

   In our minds, we use memory space.  When we store a number different things, the quick retrieval (remembering) a necessary point on the occasion becomes difficult.  We must give respect to our own mind and heart while responding to various external events in the world.  Use a wise filter to take in only what is useful and needed.  Our heart is a lovely, tenderly and lively being that is to be taken care of nicely.  Our mind is some that is to be lit like a torch that gives light to ourselves and to others.  Then the mind can achieve a lot of things.  Then the enlightened mind does not stop until some thing great is achieved.

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