Good Morning Everybody today i am going to share my views on humour and wisdom.Before discussing on this both topics one must know the real meaning of humour and wisdom. Humour literally means 'quality of being amusing' and wisdom means 'the quality of being wisouke or a body with knowledge and experience'.One shoould have both qualities in himself to succeed in life and to reach greater should give humour and wisdom equal importance in life to make life more interesting and mysterious. Humour  makes a man more attractive and wisdom make a man more representative. One who is humorous is liked by everyone ,he is more receptive and catches up all attention of the audience to himself.Wisdom is also the other side of the coin of ur life.Wisdom as abovely said is state of being wise so one should have wisdom in life to enjoy the real essence of life.So i request all the bodies present here to be humourous and wiseful in life.  
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