I consider myself blessed because when we see people around us those who won't get to eat properly, place to live, money to fulfill their need that time i feel myself blessed as whatever I got is sufficient for me. By this thought no one will feel down in the society as if we see people who are poor we realise that what we got is a lot and we are blessed that god has given us this much that we can fulfill our need.
People always should feel blessed as they always get what they deserve and god thinks for everyone and give them what is sufficient to them.
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Good morning everybody today I am going to present my views on topic why i consider myself blessed.All the bodies present here belong to rich families who get everything on a single demand but my dear friends if we make a survey around our locaity we will find people who has one or the other problem and who r leaving their life as a burden but i feel myself blessed because i am not counted in those people, i have got the chance to live my life freely.I feel  myself blessed with good parents who provide  me everything on my one demand,i m also blessed with good health and physical fitness and good society.The most important think that act as a pearl in the jewellery is the i m blessed with good thoughts that can make me reach to greater heights.So this r all thing that make me consider that i m blessed.
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