One Poem written by Shri Prem Shanker Shukla that is dedicated to Major Dhyan Chand goes like this.  

Hockey Wizard Dhyan Chand was the greatest Hockey Player.
Son of the Soil and patriot very dare. 
India produced this legend, only for hockey 
Gem of a person and Olympics until forty 
Respected across the world, for his dazzling name 
Player par excellence, who gained world's fame 
Hockey was life and his life was hockey 
Always a winner at Olympic, although the path was rocky 
Simple living, high thinking  was this man 
Popular around the world, had million fans 
He got Dhyan Chand as his name 
As under the moon light, he polished his game 
Hitler saluted, as saluted all the Germans 
Captain of the Olympic team from among the turbans 
PadmaBhusan was conferred by the nation. 
Kohinoor of India as his salutation 
Love with hockey was so much great.
To be a player, he made his fate. 
Great Players are born only once a while 
Substitutes of such players hardly arrive 
Invited by Europeans to teach them his game 
But he never left his motherland for the sake of money and fame 
World remembers him and pays him tribute 
On his Birth anniversary, Major Dhyan Chand ,we salute , we salute