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Adolescence is the period between childhood and adulthood.The age of adolescent is generally from 11 years to 18-19 years.

At puberty many changes takes place in our body.It causes-
1.Increase in Height
2.Change in Body Shape.
3.Change in Voice.
5.Development of reproductive organs
6.Reaching mental,intellectual and emotional maturity.

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Adolescence is the period of reproductive maturity which lies usually between the ages of 10 to 18 years .
The causes are differ from boys to girls . 
In girls : 
1) Breasts begin to develop .
2) Hair grows in the armpits and genital region .
3) Reproductive phase of life begins .
4) The first menstrual cycle begins termed as 'menarche' .
In boys : 
1) Facial hair , moustache and beard begin to grow .
2) Hair starts growing on the chest .
3) Hair grows in the armpits and the genital region .
4) Reproductive phase of life begins .
5) Change in the voice , growing tall , pimples on the face are some changes .