Complete the following story in maximum 150 words
once upon a time, there lived a beautiful princess. Every day, her maidens told her a story about a fruit jungle, far away from the castle, where the kids would eat sweet fruits and play for hours and hours. She wanted to see the jungle, one fine day she ran away from the castle. She ran and ran until she reached the fruity gates . Seven fairies dressed in seven different colours welcomed her at she entered the jungle, she was mesmerised by what she saw.
Tell what the princess saw in the jungle. ..



Everywhere she saw, there was beauty. The jungle itself was so mesmerizing, that felt immense joy surge through her. Then, the princess herd noises, coming through the deeper part of the jungle. She walked towards the noise and saw exactly what her maiden told her. Children, in dresses of bright colours, playing and eating fruits with one another. The princess too wanted to join them and went forward and asked. the children accepted, with joy clearly written on their faces, and the princess, lived there from then on, with the children who played for hours without tiring. it was a dream for the princess come true.
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