The Civil War affected the land. It affected the land when the two sides blew cannons and then the cannon balls hit the ground and exploded. Another way, was when they blocked the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers. That would stop the boats or ships that were coming to trade with other states. Then that would delay the cargo on the boats ships. The Civil War also affected the humans by, when the food or cargo was on the boats and it couldn't make it through. Than the humans would starve. Another way it affected the humans, is when the war was on the field where work. The slaves were delayed from doing their work. Besides the slaves without doing their work, the animals could not ruse and get food there, either. There is about four battles altogether in 1862. They were War in the west, 1st and 2nd Battle of Bull Run, and the Battle of Antietam. The War was fought by the Union( northern) and the Confederate (southern) states from 1861 to 1865. The Confederacy sought to establish itself as a separate nation. The Civil War was also known as the War of southern Independence and as the War between the States.