3 Reasons Solar Cooking Is Good For You and the Environment1) It’s a free energy source.

2. It can result in healthier cooking.

3. Solar cookers are useful during times of disaster or power outages.

Drawbacks of Solar Cookers
Cooking with solar cookers requires sunlight. This makes the process difficult during winter months and on rainy days. Cooking also takes a significantly longer time as compared to conventional methods. Users must schedule their cooking time and maximize the use of sunlight. As a result, preparation for cooking must start early in the morning so that the food can be placed in the cooker by noon. Solar cookers are not as efficient at retaining heat as compared to conventional cooking devices. Factors such as wind, rain and snow can seriously hinder the operation of a solar cooker.
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Solar cookers are used for cooking food items which require slow heating. Solar cooker cannot be used for baking and fryng.
Solar cookers saves Fuel and reduces pollution.The food cooked in a solar cooker retains its nutrive value. This is because, in a soler cooker, the food at relativelymuch lower temperature.  Cooking by soler cooker also saves time. THe solar energy is obtained at no cost.But they can be used only at the presence of sunlight.

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