Raja Rammohan roy was one of the greatest social and religious reformers of the 19th century.He was great personality who was bron in Bengal. He was born on 22nd may, 1772, Radhanagore. raja Rammohan roy founded the Bramho samaj in 1828 which believed in monotheism or worship of one god.
He was against the rigidity of the caste system. He started a campaigh for teh abolition of sati and purdah system, condemned polygamy, discouraged child marraiges and avdocated the right of widows to remarry.It was for his effoets only that, william benthik, the governer-general of India, passed a law in 1821 making the practice of sati Illegal and punisheble by law.
In the words of rabindranath tagore, ''Raja Rammohan Roy Inaugurated the modern age in INDIA. He was the father of Indian Renaissance and Prophet of Indian Nationalism''.

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