Panch pameshwar is a work that goes beyond simplistic explores.......the indigenous ,village centric system of justice that caters to the needs of the illiterate and the poor in india
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In Panch Parameshwar Jumman sheikh and Algu Chaudhary were very good friends.Jumman had an aunt who had a plot of land.After taking away the plot from his aunt Jumman did not behave well with his aunt.His aunt asked to bring upon a panchayat in which Algu was appointed as the panch.Since he and Algu were best friends he thought Algu would take his side but the opposite happened and Jumman was forced to pay some money to his aunt.
On another incident Algu had bought two bullocks out of which one died.He suspected Jumman for he was looking for a chance to take his revenge.Algu sold the bull to Samjhu who made it work very hard and then the bull died.Samjhu did not wish to pay the money and asked for a panchayat in which he chose Jumman as the panch.Jumman declared in favour of Algu.After the panchayat was over Jumman came to Algu and said that today he realised that when he became the panch he was placed on the such a high position that he could take the right decision.A panch must always see both the teams in same position and not take a side.
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