There various types soil found in India,but only six types of major soils are found in India:
1)Alluvial soil--Alluvial soil is a type soil which contain silt,clay,large particle of sand and gravel.
2)Black soil--Its a type of soil containing high percentage of humus,phosphoric acid,phosphorus and ammonia.This soil is very fertile.
3)Laterite soil--This soil is rich in alluminium and iron and some iron oxides which give the red rusty color to the soil.
4)Mountain soil--These are found in marshy,mountain,and in humid climate where weathering is quite intensive.
5)Desert soil--Its a type of soil found in arid climates,these are not so fertile.
6)Red soil--These are not very fertile,and contains low percentage of humus and nutrients.These soil is formed from iron rich rocks.