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Nowadays everyone prefers to have a vehicle let it be cars,bikes,scooters and so on.They all are run by petrol.So without petrol the vehicles are of no use.But we also should conserve it for our future generations to use it.

For this some steps ought to be taken.They are-
1.Use a carpool or public transport to go to office or other places.
2.To go to short distances use a bicycle or walk.
3.Switch off our engine (vehicle's engine) if you have to wait for 1 minute or more than that.

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children don't go to office.
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wel come.

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Children play a major role in conserving petrol.
1. they should use bus instead of going in their own vehicle to school.
2. they can convince their parents to walk or use public transport for travelling.
3. today's children are tomorrow going to use them, so they should be taught not to waste them and save them.
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