Because the Bible teaches us to be moral. In fact, throughout history moral values have been the basis of our education. First parents, then school, and finally universities were teaching us to be kind, honest, sincere, warmhearted, etc. Religion used to be one of the most powerful tools to instill moral values into people. Religion has been losing its influence in many countries around the world. Nowadays it is still important to many, but only for a section of many societies. 
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We need to learn moral values as they are very important in ones life. A person who has good moral values is respected everywhere. Moral values help us to take the best decision during difficult situations. It teaches us that we should stay calm during our hard times. It teaches us how to live in a society in peaceful manner.It also teaches us the basic etiquettes during our student life as it the time when whatever a person learns will be there with him till his grave. So moral values are very important in our life. 
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