My Mother’s Influence on Me

 “God could not be everywhere, and therefore he made mothers.” Rudyard Kipling’s words aptly describe mothers’ great, unconditional love for their children and family members. My mother is equally godlike. I am just amazed at her devotion to me and my family! From dawn till late night she is an epitome of self-less love, care, and devotion to her family. During my examination days, she wakes me at 5 a.m. with a steaming cup of coffee. It means she must be getting up at 4:30 a.m. How does she manage to stay so active in spite of going to bed after ensuring our good night’s sleep?!

Soon after, she gets busy in preparing breakfast and lunch for the entire family. She packs everyone’s tiffin box, water bottle, etc. After we go to school, she never has time to rest. Washing dishes and clothing, cleaning, dusting, ironing, buying vegetables and fruit from the green grocer, etc, she is busy throughout the day. When tired we reach home after the school, she welcomes us with her reassuring and loving smile. She serves us our delicious lunch, which refreshes and energizes us.

She is our wonderful counselor and psychotherapist too. She is so good at detecting our tensions, worries, and concerns. Not only she elicits the source of our burdens out of us, she also cures all our aches. Then comes the dusk, she is the busiest at this hour. Dad comes home after the day’s work. The entire family is reunited after the temporary separation that our responsibilities impose on us! Our mother is busy, working cooking dinner for us. She serves us the dinner and ensures everyone has been satiated. Then again she is washing dishes, cleaning, and getting ready for the next day’s routine. After winding up the day’s work, she sits for her dinner. Thus I see my mother every day enjoying the grind of chores and work for the sake of her family. No other family member can do what she does for the family. I figure all the mothers in the world are exactly like my mother. So, my mother is my role model.  I am blessed to have such a godlike mother! She has the greatest influence in my life.