Winning is not as important as participating:

People always think of success. They think of winning. But, they don't always realize that, winning is not so important than participating. Yes, I agree with that winning is good, as I am not denying this thing. But, participating is the main thing, as there is always something to learn and know which we don't know, so that we can aim at my weaknesses, and work hard at it.

Yes, but if you can win that is also good, but winning doesn't teach you something (but, of course - it teaches us the joy of winning); winning is something you take over because, you know a lot about it. So, there is nothing to learn by winning; but, if we fail at a time, we have a chance to recognize that weaknesses of ours, and instead of breaking up with sadness and emotion - our goal should be to study it so much that the next time - no one can win over us. We always have to participate and if we encounter failure, we will try to win it next time. 

So, I briefly conclude my speech in
favour of the fact that, " Winning is not always so important than participating ". 
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