Draw a typical layout on a sheet of A4 with borders and all that. Then take one sheet and do it more decoratively. Draw lines in the middle with a 2b pencil. This is the cover page and the lines are for writing title, subtitle. In the bottom right corner write your name, class, roll number and contact details. Your cover page is ready. Now draw lines on the other pages with 2b pencils for paragraph text, section headings and main title.

Now take some ideas about your topic. For example, write about the asthmatic disorders caused by factory smoke. First, write them on a rough paper. Then, neatly and legibly copy it onto the A4 paper(s). Then do some final touches (like underling or shading important points) to the Project and staple the pages on the side. Then submit it to your teacher or whoever.

EDIT: Don't forget to erase the pencil lines or else it'll look ugly!

EDIT: Now I'll give you some ideas.

The Respiratory system is greatly affected by air pollution. Not just factory smoke and all that, but many kinds.

Factory smoke is one main cause. This smoke affects our lungs badly and causes asthma.
1. We should not burn plastic as it can lead to respiratory disorders.
2. Factories should be isolated.
3. Cars should be checked as pollution-free.

And I think you've got some ideas.
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