For the past two decades democracy has begun to spread all over the world. In its annual Human Development Report of 2002, the UN focused on democracy and its role in improving people’s lives. By the year 2000, 140 of the world’s nearly 200 countries held multi-party elections. In practice, only 82 countries, with 57% of the world’s people, are fully democratic. Compared to 1985, when only 44 countries were truly democratic, with only 38% of the world’s people, this is real progress.
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Democracy has largely spread across the globe in the last 15 yrs. This is happening because there is a huge agitation among the people as they feel they need to have some powers in the happening of the administration, neìther than accepting the monarchical rule depending on their fate. They feel thag the most responsible and worthy people who are chosen by them should have that power.
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