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The respiratory system is greatly affected by factory smoke, and lots of other kinds of air pollution. One common mean is factory smoke, which is one of the main means for respiratory disorders resulting from Air Pollution.
In this paper is stated the various means of Respiratory Disorders due to Air Pollution.

1. Factory Smoke
Factory smoke is one of the main causes of the same, and is the most popular. It is much like the "Hello World" of Air Pollution and Respiratory Disorders. Officially, China is the most factory smoke polluted country in the world. Due to this, almost 250,000 people are asthmatic, of which most are children below the age of ten.Isolation is a term used to mean moving or shifting afar and farther something from the public. In the sixteenth century, patients of leprosy were isolated to off-shore islands. Leprosy can be treated, but factory smoke cannot be. Therefore, what Isolation is most required today, is to move large-scale factories away and away from residences.

2. Cars
Cars are really useful today, but they are equally polluting air. There is no reason to get rid of a car, but there is reason to get rid of the smoke it releases. 
Cars must be treated or modified to not release smoke. Thanks to technologists, electric cars are already the show on the road. Cars should be regularly checked to see that they are non-polluting vehicles.

3. Firecrackers
The AAP posted a Facebook Post with one clear and simple message, on Diwali:  "This Diwali, say no to Crackers. Light Candles". This is a good view in meaning. Again, it'd be stupid to get rid of crackers, but it'd be meaningful to reduce them. Waste of time and money is an open air pyrotechnics festival, where not just air, but sound is also polluted. Crackers should be reduced, and laser shows should replace them wherever possible.

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