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I think the meaning of "love conquers when force fails" is that love is one of the most driving forces in humanity. But love has many faces, and that is where the problem lies. Terrorists are taught that the best way to show their love for their religion is by defending it against those who would destroy it. This love runs so deep that they are willing to sacrifice themselves to "defend" it. Communists have a deep love for humanity overall, they want what is best for the majority, and that means equality in all things, socially, medically, and economically most importantly. They see capitalists such as ourselves as the greatest force to fight against that equality and perfect tomorrow. We of course wonder why we can't all get along. We need to understand threcognize we want to make peace with before we try to make peace with them. The terrorists, unfortunatly, are taught to fight us no matter what, but with Communists and the like we need to stop trying to impede their progress in attaining the Utopia they think they can create. If that Utopia fails without our influence, they may see that we were right.