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The world has been changing faster than ever during these past couple of decades. Today, some people work too hard to make money, and sustain financial status. This may actually end up having a huge impact on social life and health. First of all, when citizens spend a large number of hours on work, they don't have time for their families, or children. As a result, it can have a negative effect on marriage life. Spouses of workaholics often feel estranged from their mates, and express less affection; they could also be more likely to divorce. Moreover, their children may feel like they're less taken care of by their parents, and may grow to become isolated from their guardians.
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Child marriage is a curse to mankind.It should be stopped.
It is followed before independence,children are married at an early age.It is banned in India but still it is practiced in some rural villages of India.It is really a very bad thing as children have right to live their childhood independently.

By doing child marriage we are stealing their childhood.Girls especially aged 12 years to 14 years are married to boys aged 15 years 18 years years.Even after marriage boys are allowed to do anything they wish freely and even sent to school.But same is not with girls.Girls should be given books to study and sent to school.They shouldn't be given household works to do.

So from today itself we should
all take pledge to stop child marriage and if anyone in our neighborhood tries to promote it we should directly report it to police.