If i was shopping in a famous mall and a woman bumped into me and i discovered that my wallet was gone. Describe your situation. Create suspense

What do you mean by create suspense. Please clarify what the answer should contain..
i mean that i have to add suspense to my story
please answer me its urgent


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One day i was shopping in a famous mall and suddenly a women bumped into me.the woman said sorry and left.after that i left for rest of the shopping.when i went to pay the bill i suddenly discovered that my wallet was gone and a piece of paper was in the place of my wallet with something written on it........................
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i got it. now mark as best.......please......
Don't you want to commplete the story.. Surely this does not mean create suspense. After the dots, write the rest of the story. That way, if the inquirer only wants suspense, she can keep it till the dots, and if she wants the whole story, well, she will have it
if she needs it than i'll make up the story because i have made it til here only :P
do you want rest of the story @arieesha
and thanks for giving best answer