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so today's topic is history and legend.this topic looks very interesting.i am not a lover of history but still i will try to write this speech.

i usually start all my essays and speeches with quotes but in this case i will start with some very simple and common questions.

my first and foremost question would be:

what do we mean by history?

the definition of history is actually the past events and works which has led to a great change of this world.according to me this should be the perfect definition for the word 'history'.

now the question is :

what do we mean by legend?

legends are also called as  mythologies. i  would  say  that the stories of the past which are very famous are known as legends.they may be true or just false stories.

history and legend:

history and legend are very much related to each other.the historians are just people like us.they  are not god.they an study the things found which belonged to the past.but they cannot very very sure that all the events that they make out are true.the events that they are not sure about that they are true or not , these events are called legends.
so as a fact history and legend are related to each other to a great extent.
You can start like:
Ladies and gentlemen, today I'm here to discuss the importance of history in our lives. History tells us about the past and the special things and events that happened a long time ago or maybe two days ago. It tells us about the great intelligence of early people. It tells us how the early people used to survive without the benefits of science and technology. It tells us how the people of the Indus valley made a building as the Great bat. It tells us how tells Egyptians made pyramids 2-3000 years ago. It teaches us the style of living. Ladies and gentlemen, history teaches us not to repeat the mistakes that our ancesetors did. History is not just about wars and millatrey fights. History teaches u who we are and why we are the way we are.  thankyou
ope you like this speech and i hope that it may help you. This is a very nice speech so please do not waste my words :)