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The princess saw many chocolate , jelly ,cupcake trees and plants . there were statues made of chocolate . the princess was over joyed by seeing this .
She was roaming around the trees of chocolates that was different different colors, shapes and size.Some was sweet some was a little soar a little sweet. some was salty too. He tasted some but some trees was so high so he was not able to reach there.

When she went far inside the jungle, she saw a beautiful white Palace in a beautiful garden. when she entered the Palace there was fairy queen.She was beautiful, she had a magic stick in her hand. She asked: Do you like this garden?Princess replied : this is wonderful.
What do you want else?
Princess replied: I want to take some chocolates home.
Queen smiled and moved her magic stick, there was a bucket full of chocolates of all kinds.Princess took the bucket in her hands and she returned over joyed.
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