Social Development means development of the Society . Society can be developed by spreading the knowledge in the Society . In early days, the humans did not know how to communicate, and at that time they lived in forests as hunter-gatherers. As they learnt to talk, they shared their views and ideas over the difficulties they faced. As they shared these ideas through sound, they made inventions and discoveries which comforted the life style of humans. Knowledge can be spread among the people of the society by means of papers and media programs . Those people who are not educated cannot read papers and can understand the programs through multimedia like television , so the best way to develop the society is making the use of sound . By making use of sound we can communicate with the people of the society and understand their demands and we can discuss with them the various things for the development of the society.By making the use of sound we can talk about the advantages of the education and also we can suggest them certain plans which will lead to the development of the society.  In Short , we can say that the sound is the primary means of the Social development without it actual development of the society is not possible at all.
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