The importance of science and technology in contemporary society is demonstrated by the unconscious use of it in our daily lives. We often take it for granted. And we often have no idea how science and technology really affect us! We live and work in structures given to us by science and technology. We are transported around on the ground, across water and in the air by vehicles that are the direct result of science and technology. Modern societies are literally built on science and technology. When we turn on the tap, flush the toilet, or flip a light switch, we are accessing science and technology. We constantly use cell phones and computers, which are gifts of science and technology. And there are myriad other electrical devices that science and technology have given us. Medicine is wall-to-wall science and technology, and anyone who is more than mildly ill or has been injured in more than a minor way will benefit from science and technology. No food in modern society is not touched by science and technology, either in its origin, packaging and processing, transportation or vending. Science and technology must be aware and develop to play the dynamic role for socio-economic development, setting up the scientific background for decision and policies for the government, contributing to set up the competition capacity for the economy, to successfully implement the industrialization and modernization career for the country. Meanwhile setting up the science and technology market, to facilitate the science and technology in contributing effectively in the socio-economical development; thus improve the science and technology potential. Hope it helps you All the best do well