The Solitary Reaper' was written on November 5, 1805 and published in 1807 in the collection Poems, in Two Volumes. This poem is unique because, while most of Wordsworth's work is based closely on his own experiences, 'The Solitary Reaper' is based on the experience of someone else: author and friend Thomas Wilkinson, as described in his Tours to the British Mountains.The poem, like most of Wordsworth's poetry, is distinguished by its straightforward use of language and meter as well as its natural theme and imagery. It reflects Wordsworth's belief in the importance of the natural world, the power of memory and the human mind, and his first principle of poetry: that poetry should be written to provide pleasure through a rhythmic and powerful expression of emotion and leave readers with 'a spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings' long after it is read. Let's take a look at the text of the poem and then discuss what it might mean.
William Wordsworth is one of the most important English poets and a founder of the Romantic Movement of English literature, a style of writing that focuses on emotion and imagination . 

. He is so struck by the sad beauty of her song that the whole valley seems to overflow with its sound.