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I'm not going to give you a ready review, but I will help you to write one, there are a couple of things you need to remember when you're trying to write a review. 

1. First thing you've gotta do is find a book you want to write about, it can be just anything, from a dictionary, to a fable or a tome of poetry. There are differences between different kinds of reviews though, e.g. when you're reviewing a popular-science book, you might want to research the sources author used during their research. When it comes to a novel you would probably consider how emerging it is, what are the relations between characters, how do you feel about the story twists and the climax. For the sake of my explanation, let's use 'The Hobbit' by J.R.R. Tolkien - a novel (those tips would be different for different kinds of books I mentioned before.)

2. First you need to establish the basics:
    What genre is it? - Fantasy
    How does it contribute to the genre - It's one of the pillars of the modern Fantasy, together with 'The Lord of The Rings, by the same author, they created the basis for countless fantasy worlds.
    Who's the main character? - Bilgo Baggins, the titular hobbit. 
    What are the other important characters? - Gandalf and the dwarves

3. Then you start writing, show the reader the atmosphere of the book, outline the characters and roughly show the relations between them. Do not reveal any essential details about the plot, nobody likes spoilers ;) Say something about the climaxing point, is it obvious and boring or surprising and very interesting? 

4. Say something from you alone, tell the reader what you like about that particular book and what disappointed you. Were the relations between characters deep or very obvious and shallow. Maybe the were exaggerated and just overdone, hence hard to grasp. Were you able to emerge into the story and feel like you were there with the characters? Therefore, was it natural? Write things that seem important for you as a reader, think, what would you like to find out from a review and write about those things in particular. 

5. Last but not least - try to interest the reader instead of laying down the short version of the plot, they are supposed to find out what happens themselves. You can add a couple of details that aren't essential for the plot but can make someone interested. That is of course, if you're writing about a book you liked ;) 

I think that it's essentially everything important about writing a review, read a couple of reviews yourself before you start, it should help. 

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