Once upon a time, there lived a beautiful princess. Every day, her maidens told her a story about a fruit jungle, far away from the castle, where the kids would eat sweet fruits and play for hours and hours. She wanted to see the jungle too.so, one fine day she ran away from the castle. She ran and ran until she reached the fruity gates . Seven fairies dressed in seven different colours welcomed her at thecgate.as she entered the jungle, she was mesmerised by what she saw.
Tell what the princess saw in the jungle. .



Princess saw that the friuty jungle and she saw one mango fruit on  the tress ,and also saw orange fruit on the tress
and many more friuts and she eat the friut and tell that these friuts were very deslious and were princess of seen the friuts on every tress said that these jungle were very beautiful and i will never seen say these tress again beacause all human are cutting the tress and they will never stop when we will band to cut the tress when we cut the tress than we also not get the oxygen we will also died and that is why princess is tell to us that do not cut the tress

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