1-flower is various in colors such as red,blue,purple,yellow,pink,etc
2-flower is in various types such as marigold,jasmine,shoe flower etc
3-we keep the flower in our hair,sometimes we make it as a garland and we wear it
4- flowers are used in various function such as marriage,reception,going to temple,somebody's home etc
5-flowers are used mainly in temples to wear it to god
6- it is also used to decorate somethings
7-we wear it anytime like birthday,going to to anybody's home etc
8-flowers are very popular in india
9-flower in very beauty in nature . they need not any thing that make them beauty such like we put make up in various parties or functions
10-when we come closure to the flower we may smell a sent like smell that's why we like flower

there are also small ans inĀ  this and u can short the sentence and please remark my ans the best plz..........
Flower is lovely
it is good
it is colorful
it is sumptuous
it makes our garden look beautiful

please I have written simple sentence deliberately so plssss give me ythe best answer