Once upon a time there lived a beautiful princess who didn't love anybody. The only thing that she liked was a beautiful golden ball. A lot of kings from different lands wanted to marry her, but she turned everybody... One day the princess was playing with her golden ball next to the river. She dropped the ball and it disappeared in the water. The princess started to cry. Suddenly a frog turned... "Dear princess," it said, "I will get your ball if you kiss me." "I have turned all these handsome kings... I'm not going to kiss a frog," the princess answered and went away. "Then you will never see your ball again," the frog said. The princess stopped. She liked her ball so much. "OK, get me the ball and I'll kiss you," she said. The frog jumped into the water and turned... with the golden ball in its mouth. "Now you must keep your promise. Kiss me and run away. Please don't turn..." The princess closed her eyes and kissed the frog. When she turned... again, there was no frog anymore. It turned... that the frog was a handsome prince. A bad witch had turned him... a frog and only a princess's kiss could save

what is the question?????????????
what should be answered in this?????????????????????
it's only a story what is the question


If you could please tell me the question....I could answer it.....