Exercises and physical training are very beneficial for us . walking , jogging ,running makes a person fit .a person who regularly goes for a walk in the morning stays healthy and does not fall ill much . he does not looses his stamina but also regains it . as it is the lightest form of exercise , everybody can do it even the fat overweight people also . it prolongs the life of a person and gives his body a good shape . a long walk induces a proper circulation of blood . walking refreshes mind and improves health , it provides fresh air to lungs ,purifies the blood and improves digestion . fat persons are prone to disease like diabetes , hypertension , high blood pressure etc doctors advise them to restrict their diet and bring down their weight . in such cases a brisk morning walk is very beneficial . every person who are lean and thin can be benifited by a morning walk . a person or  a bodybuilder going regularly to the gym is not as healthy as a person going regularly for a walk in the morning . infact health is wealth . a morning every day also keeps the doctor away . it is the cheapest and easiest exercise for maintaining a good health and figure .