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Delhi 31


Dear preksha

How r u? I am fine here and hoping the same. today m jotting down this letter to tell u about my recent holiday. as u know yesterday was Sunday. all the schools are closed on this day. children wake up late at morning and do their work according to their choice. I am so happy about this special holiday. I wake up late at morning and ate my favourite dish. I went for a movie BROTHERS. I was so concern about my studies as our SAs are coming now. I did a lot of fun and slept late at night. I loved this holiday. pay my regards to uncle and aunt and love to Aryash.

your loving friend


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Hi sis !! how are u. i'm fine here back in my place, though i still miss (your holiday place).it was amazing to see all the families together, you were the only one who was missing.we really missed you. well i'll tell you where we went and how us cousins spent the days.
it was very interesting to go somewhere after a long time. i really miss how we 7 cousins used to go places without our parents knowing, well this time we did the same. we went for movies then beaches and came back in the evening. then the next day we went walking to our parents preschools and high school. i really liked the atmosphere in that school. its very calm and not like here. i really wish i could study there, i know it was fun only because all the cousins were there or it would have been boring. well then the rest of the days were just spent in my moms and dads relatives houses. it was a very bad experience.
i really wish you were there with us when all these fun things happened. wishing you and your wife a blessed and happy married life. please do come visit us when you get time.dads and moms regards.

yours lovingly