Hobby is what you lyk to do the most. Interest is what you like the most or da way u love sumthing. a hobby must b a gud 1 to keep urselves positive and cool all da tym. Nd interest must be in da thing u luv da most. Hobbies lyk reading, writing, being sporty etc must be developed in a normal person. A person must have interest in da thing he lyks da most 4 example, interest in science, sports, or ur hobbu itself. Make clear u njoy urselves wid ur hobby or interest!! Hobbies r interesting!!!!!!! Nd ur interest must b ur hobby!!!!

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Introduction :- A hobby is a recreation of our pastime. Something we do in our leisure moments is called a hobby. The people who keep a hobby, have pleasant occupation of leisure moment. Our hobby gives us a lot. We can adopt our hobby as our profession. Our hobby keeps us busy all time long. Our hobby shows us our interest. Each one must have a hobby.
Kinds of hobby :- There are many kinds of hobby because everyone likes to do something in his or her free time. Some people like