As we know our population goes increasing every day, only make a concerns about it but not seems its positive effects on controlling. Because simple only concerning is not the solution of any problems. For controlling this problem first we should define the role of government and common people like NGO or other awareness institutions which is involved in this directly or partially. We should take our responsibility with seriousness and also defined its output in reference to time.
We should in increase our speed for working and checked its output if we not found positive responds then change its matter and made necessary improvements. By which we also can check its response. Government should promote one hand those family follow family planning by rewarding some reservation for limited time and give some attractive facilities in every governmental field and other hand band those people who should not follow law of family planning and on that cases government should follow strictly and quickly. Without taking some hard and strict steps, birth controlling in India is not possible. 
As we all know that the population in world is increasing at a rapid rate and to stop its rate we all must take steps in order to improve the quality of population as by giving governmental facilities and by not giving birth to more than two children