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Wildlife in India comprises of several organisms . India's rich wildlife is preserved in more than 120 national parks and 500 wildlife sanctuaries . The wildlife life in India is slowly decreasing . In 20th century there were almost 40,678 tigers across India , but the census or mission conducted in 2008 revealed that there were only 14,111 tigers left , the report of 2011 revealed that there were only 1700 tigers in India . So we can conclude that wildlife in India is slowly decreasing which can be considered as the limited resource . India has a long conservation history and started setting up national parks and protected areas since 1935 . now it has more than 600 protected areas of wildlife. The recent report of 2015 says that the tigers percentage increased 30.24% .

The wildlife in India can be considered as resource because it is decreasing rapidly due to the human activities and natural disasters some species are demolished.

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