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Microsoft updated its Office suite of applications in 2007, giving the suite a new look and dozens of new features that enhanced the Office experience over previous editions. Three years later, Microsoft released Office 2010, which further updated the Office applications and added some features not included in Office 2007.  

The Microsoft Office Ribbon was introduced in Office 2007. Featured only in Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, the Office Ribbon replaced the traditional menu structure of earlier versions of Microsoft Office and was designed to simplify the user interface. With Office 2010, Microsoft included the Office Ribbon as a major feature in all its Office applications, including Outlook, Visio, and OneNote. A notable difference between the 2007 Office Ribbon and the 2010 Office Ribbon is the replacement of 2007's "Office" button with a full-featured "File" tab in Office 2010 version.
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