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Nothing like ghosts exist! It's just our belief.....
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I'm not such. Strong believer in God either.
but I believe little bit in God bcoz I've been brought up in such a way since I was small.
i believe in both. if good exists evil exists too ;)
If you believe in ghost you might see or feel it around you all the time and for you ghost will exist and if you don't believe in them, then they doesn't exist at all!
It depends upon the thoughts of one's brain!
me too! I can't believe in ghosts until I see them!
some mysteries can be solved by human's when we keep our soul into them
i believe to some exetent becoz how come the word ghosts and they come if at all they are not there humans cannot create the presence of spirit i think
They may hve got it frm movies...!!
i belive that we humans created the ghost! :\