Teachers are our role models. They are equal to gods. They play the key role in our lives. Without them our lives are on Darkness. They are responsible for the removal of darkness from our lives by filling our lives with brightness (knowledge). They treat us as a parent, make us to learn as a teacher, being always with us as a friend.
        “When the student is ready, the teacher appears.” -- Marlene Canter. It's 100% true. They always strive to provide the best information to us. Their only goal is to see us at the great position. Without selfishness, They always think about us and about our future. In addition to the lessons, they motivate us and guide us in which path we have to walk to reach success in a great way, by doing small things in a great manner.
            A friend is someone who understands you and someone you can depend on. It is aptly suits for teacher. They always understand our problems and try to saught out it. They can make or break a future generation, such a great power is in the hands of the teachers.
                  We have to learn how to make others to understand clearly whatever we said. The main thing that we have to learn from teacher is punctuality. They came to school/colleges by time for teaching their children. We have to learn how to understand the others feeling just as like a teacher understands us very well by seeing our face and estimating our mood. We have to learn to change ourselves by the situation just as like teachers behaves as like a parent, teacher, friend.  They way they talk with other. and the main quality is to be patient. Everyone have to laern this quality from others. whatever may be the situation, they say the doubt clearly if the student ask the same doubt for the 10 times too.. This can be done by great people only. So thats why, teachers are treated as gods!!!
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Education is a key to success in life. My respected teacher -
You have inspired our hopes, ignited out imagination and installed a love for leaning. You have been our inspiration. Besides my parents, i see you as an incarnation of god. I will always want you as my teacher ever after.
To the world you may just be a teacher but to me you are my hero!
Thanks for loving us, guiding us, shaping us, enculcalting us with good habbits, advising us, promoting our wellfare in the best, commanding and correcting us. And most of all that is encouraging us in every parts of life.
Thanks for appreciating every moments.
We are always grateful for everything you are, for everything you do. We feel really blessed to have an awesome teacher like you. We are surrounded by your love, care and generousity. we hope that some day we will be able to return atleast a fraction of your generousity.What we are we now, are all because of your hard work.
We will always be indepted to you.Words fail to express gratitude to you.
Thanks for being our teacher.We will always love you.

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