Adventure refers to the exciting activity or unusual experience. These experiences are often of daring or risky nature. There are many people whose life is filled up with adventurous experiences. The definition of Adventure varies from person to person. It is in actually defined as ‘a risky undertaking of unknown outcome’ which means that an adventurer is one who gets a thrill out of exploits, the result of which may also be dangerous or if in favour, then sublime. Let us consider the options individuals have for adventure, in the modern world, to suit their tastes. To start off with, we can consider sports and its varied disciplines, which are adventurous for sportsmen. Speed Boating, Car Racing, Buggy Jumping aster all very adventurous sports, enjoyed by thousands of enthusiasts, the world over. Leaving aside sports, several persons are thrilled by risky financial ventures which are capable of making or breaking them. Adventurers dabble in the stock market, in Shares which can shoot up or zoom down without even the experts being able to forecast it. This has become a favourite profession of the entrepreneurs who are interested in growing rich fast and are also ready to take the extreme risks involved in this. However such adventure is only for the brave hearted people and they believe in the age old adage of ‘NO RISK, NO GAIN’.
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