Science has become a very important part of our life. if science had doesnt exist in our life our life will surely be a big blunder.we use science in each and every minute of our should be noticed that science should not be used for disadvantages.
Science is helpful in day to day life by acting on what we our doing in our daily is a magical invention by god or a gift, gifted by god. we cannot describe how science is useful for us in our daily life, from the beginning of the day till end of the day how science is useful for us in the following ways ~
1) when we are going to place where we work, we go with help of science that is by cars, vehicle etc.
2) when we have to go some where and we don`t know about that place we can find it on internet, so it is another reason of using science.
3) if our children are going somewhere, with their friends and no adult is going, for safety of our children with the help of science we can give mobiles to them.
so, we cam say that our future is depends on science but science does not depends on the future. In this way science help us in our day to day life  

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